Save profiles and shared history for dating and business partners 
with this innovative, progression tracking, 
lifestyle management app!

Get the most out of your relationships

Keep records of your dating journeys or business ventures

Monitor time invested in relationships

Determine a prospect’s value and personal expense 

Gain incite from the connections you make

Key Features

Create stunning, detailed profiles

– Enter a wide variety of contact information
and even import contacts already on your phone!

Access Shared History

– Shared experiences are saved as activities and can be updated from your contact’s Activity Log

Save dates, meetings, or any experience

– Scheduled activities can be synced to also appear in your iPhone’s calendar app

Apply Custom Tags

– Tag activities to color different items in the app (more below)

Custom Tags…

  • apply emphasis to a shared experience
  • distinguish contacts with a different color
  • highlight calendar dates
  • generate progression charts for growth and self-reflection
    (in-app purchase required)
  • can be added, deleted or edited to a preferred color/name to suit your preference
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Why singles, couples and independent contractors alike
use Up-date MYL

I can’t express how convenient it is to be able to see all the little details for people I’ve dated and the places I’ve taken them to.

I feel that writing things down in this manner really helps commit them to memory, and become better acquainted with the people I connect with.
– Mark (single guy)
For how I do business, it’s very important to keep a record of all my gigs, how much money I’ve made, and which agent got me the gig. With Up-date MYL, I can do this in a very clear, concise, and organized manner.

It also provides a great way for me to see the ups and downs of my career and how it ‘s generally progressed over time. I haven’t seen an app quite like this before.
– John (model/actor)
Saving dates and little details of my journey with my, now, current boyfriend helps me plan for the future and stay organized.

I mean, I keep records of great restaurants we’ve been to, the times we went on vacation, and even gifts I got him on birthdays and holidays.

Forgetting a great restaurant you’ve been to on a date is annoying and now my boyfriend and I never have to worry about that again!
– Grace (girlfriend)




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